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July 24, 2017

There are two things out there that are enormous.  The world and the world wide web.  If you explore these, whether individually or in tandem, you will find something new that will spark your interest.  Take the travel community, for instance.  The most enterprising individuals are using the web to share their travel experiences.

This is beneficial in a couple of ways.

  1.  Travelers are able to create their memories by posting their stories, along with photos/videos of their experiences.  These experiences will live on, and other people can read and enjoy the stories for years to come.
  2.  People and would-be travelers can explore these websites, and they can find destinations that they may want to visit.

Travel podcast sitesHeck, the travelers have carved out business opportunities for themselves because of their travel experiences.  Many travel blog sites are taking in thousands of readers per month.  Because of this, most are able to make money off of their efforts.  We now see the “professional traveler,” and these are the people who hop around the globe and provide interesting information about the locations that they visit.

Is that a cool business to be in, or what?

I personally stumbled on the travel community by accident.  I was doing some freelance work for a company, when I discovered the sheer amount of people who are traveling and blogging about it.  Don’t get me wrong, some sites are nicer than others, but overall, I thought that all off the bloggers had something to offer in their own unique way.  I mean, you can read three different blogs about the same locations, and you can get three totally different perspectives.

I have always been an audio guy.  I have been a nightclub DJ for over 20 years, and I have also been on the radio for several years.  I have performed voice over work, and appeared in the occasional TV commercial.

As I was reading some of these travel stories, I had an idea.  I had not visited any of these far away places.  I have been to just about every state in the US, but when it comes to traveling abroad, I do not have any experience.  I now have a wishlist of places that I would like to see.  The blogs have everything there:

  • Where to go
  • What landmarks to see
  • Which activities are available
  • What to eat – this was IMPORTANT to me
  • The best places to stay
  • Pricing information

My idea was to read the stories from these top travel bloggers.  In this day and age, we are in constant motion, so I thought that a podcast will allow individuals who do not want to take the time to read the stories, can listen to them at their leisure.  They can listen while at the gym, in the car on the way to work, on a road trip, lying in bed at night, etc.  The spoken work just offers a different dynamic to the stories.

We all want options, right?

So we have launched PodcastSL for the individuals that want to listen to the travel stories.  These are ripped straight from the blog sites, and I hope I can do them justice as we grow the website.

I have personally contacted all of the site owners for permission to include their stories on the site….Here is a funny story.  I originally sent out about 20 emails where I introduced myself and described my idea.  The first response I received was less than complementary.  I will not name names, but the guy ABSOLUTELY did not want me to read any of his stories, and to add insult to injury, he indicated that the travel blogging community would not want to get involved.

Talk about a buzzkill!

I immediately thought this was a non-starter.  But then, I started to get responses, and they were all mostly positive.

Ok, now we are cooking!

I am launching with ten podcasts, and I will post a new podcast every week.

I want to personally thank the first ten travel bloggers who reacted positively to the project:











I hope you enjoy my interpretations of these great travel stories.

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